A Frosty Spring Morning


Date:08 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

New Zealand may be small, it may be an Island, but in Christchurch at this time of year it is nowhere near tropical!


Frosts are a very good reminder to slow down and not rush into any planting of seeds which need warmth and seedlings which will curl up it’s toes if they get a frost… or even plants which will just be super slow until the warmth kicks in!


Most of New Zealand say Labour Weekend is the time for tomatoes (24th - 26th October), but in Canterbury, the time for warmth loving plants is more like Canterbury Anniversary weekend (13th – 16th November).


Frosts and cold winters certainly have their benefits, I had my first Apricot on our tree last year which as absolutely superb, I’m working on getting a great Brussels Sprouts crop and the cold also helps to manage pests and diseases.


I also can’t complain about the stunning day which follows a frost!


Below is a link to my video showing just how frosty our Spring morning was!


A Frosty Spring Morning