A little bit AWOL

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:10 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

I've been a bit AWOL this week and have just finished catching up on everyones fabulous blogs.  We have been very busy with school holidays and then Brandon's uncle and aunty wanted to come for a tour .... they own a gorgeous vineyard and winery in Ahipara so we felt a bit of pressure to have it looking it's best!!!

So lots of lawnmowing....and some more lawnmowing.... and some more lawn mowing -  I'm not sure how I get the hand mowing and 'someone' gets the big ride on..... I'm told thats because I keep making hard to mow areas with gardens ;0 !!

My rose gun has needed to be out already this year with my standard roses and pergola climbing roses having aphids - I'm sure I havn't had to start the war with them this early before. 

I've spent a bit of time sowing more seeds - some haven't germinated (or perhaps I'm being impatient) but I have sowed limited numbers of each thing so thought I'd pop some more in, just in case. 

I planted: 

Yates Kamokamo (thanks Yates for my pressie box)

Yates sunflower - bronze shades (only 3/12 have popped up so far)

Heritage Tomato: Black. Whippersnapper, Abraham Lincoln

Yates tomato - Large red (2013 heritage tin - so could esplain the low germination)

Yates UFO Scallopini

Yates Zucchini - Partenon Hybrid (thanks Yates for my pressie box)

Cucumber Diva. Tasty Queen

Yates Cucumber - burbless Hybrid (We eat and relish A LOT of cucumbers so the more the merrier)

I also direct sowed:

Yates radish - Salad Crunch and French Breakfast

Yates Cylindra beetroot

Yates Spring Onion

Mesculan mix lettuce and Tom thumb lettuce

We also topped up our supply of Yates Thrive Seaweed Tonic - I was looking for the new kids range of seeds but couldn't find them in our small local store - may need to go further a field for those. 

Straw berry runners are still going out the door so there should be lots of yummy strawberries growing around town this season.  I've almost run out of spares for this year but am sure there will be loads more to share around next year.

A little bit AWOL