A new garden space.


Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late blog - technical difficulties ;)

But I have still been gardening anyway...

This Autumn I made a new garden bed.

I added my own compost, some lime, and sieved the dirt from where I dug, back onto my garden.

I also dug a ditch around my garden to work as a swale and I filled it with mulch to retain water (as pictured).

Then, I planted 38 cloves of 'Printanor' garlic, 17 radishes (in succession), 5 'Cut-and-come-again' lettuces, and only 3 carrots before the rain.

I also sowed leeks, beetroot, baby beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and a bee mix in seed trays to be transplanted later.

I bought 5 'Agria' and 5 'Rua' seed potatoes, which are 'chitting' on the window sill.

Good luck!

Thanks, Harrison.



A new garden space.