Always learning

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:17 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

So I am loving the rain today , especially after the heat of yesterday when I mowed a lot of lawn , I felt like I had a brand new mower , hubby mowed some lawn on saturday and snapped a blade , but we discovered that a set of new blades was only $20 so I was very happy about that .

And I had read about wintering over capsicums , so left one in the ground and it is showing new growth , I will chop the top off and see how it goes .

And I also accidently discovered if you leave some roots from your climbing beans in they start again , I had planned on putting toms in here but hey I had forgotten to get more bean seed so I am pretty happy about that .

And I finally got some much needed jobs done in the tunnel house since it was a very pleasant temperature in there .

And I potted on some hydrangea cuttings , split up some succulants and potted up some self sown nastursiums to plant out latter .

Excuse the weeds its on the to do list .

Always learning