....and suddenly it's ending

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:12 Dec 2020

I always find it a bit of a surprise when the challenge is coming to a close but love that we are still able to share each others gardens moving forward.

I have struggled with the blogging this year but am so thankful for all you wonderful people to share with.  You have encouraged and motivated me to get out there.  You have shared in my failures as well as sharing your own.  Thankyou for being such a wonderful community.

Thank you to Sarah for your wonderful knowledge and inspiration.  For all your tips and tricks and keeping us all going!!!. PS .. I really need you to have another open garden!!!!

Thank you to Yates!!!! This is such a wonderful place you have created.  Bringing gardeners together- young and old, new and experienced - giving us all a place to share our stories and pictures.   Thank you for all your generosity in prizes that will keeping our gardens growing!

I look forward to popping in and out to keep up to date with you all - and to begin the challenge again in 2021.

....and suddenly it's  ending