Another Spring another season of Magic

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:08 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Its Spring and as always , with mulch excitement I wet my plants .

I always thought once I won I would call it but I love writing about my garden , its my gym , super market and all round happy place , We are a lifestyle block using a lot of permiculture , organic and no dig methods .

We also have chickens , ducks ,a pony , sheep , pigs and cows along with 3 cats who are never far away when I am in the garden .

The size of our garden mmmm well thats a tricky one , I am always extending and changing things , my raised beds are full we are picking carrots , lettuce , silverbeet and the broad beans and brassicas are looking good .

The no till bed has cornflower , rosemary , strawberries , broad beans , strawberry spinach , brassicas , garlic along with the roses along the back . 

Last year I am prtty sure I mentioned I wanted to get rid of the grapes , that were a huge unruley mess , so with the help of our nieghbour and his tractor to pull out the vines , and our awesome contractor with his rotary hoe , the space is now a blank canvas , and a huge job but I am up for the challenge , this season I plan on mostly , corn , potatoes , and pumpkins , I also bought 10 Blueberries on a lockdown special and a raised bed is planned when $$$ allow .

We also have 2 very large very exciting projects on this season , with the council changing the size of a build before consent is needed , My what was to be a humble garden shed is upgraded to a she shed with space to dry seeds , sit and enjoy the view and hld all the garden tools , of course bigger means more expensive so we will chip away at it as money allows .

The second is a chiller , this will take my wee flower business to the next level .

Seedlings ,Cucumbers, Toms , Chilli , eggplant , sunflowers , dahlias , zinnias , asters , cabbage etc are coming along nicely , pumkin , courgette amoung others will go in tomorrow .

Another Spring another season of Magic