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Date:07 Sep 2020

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Well what a crazy year it has been! It's nice to have something positive to focus on for a while.

I have participated in the Spring Growing Challenge for about 6 years now and I won the individual category 4 years ago. I think that was probably the best season I have ever had in my garden. Partly because my oldest two children were at school and my youngest was still having day sleeps!

My youngest has started school this year in between two lockdowns so I now technically have plenty of free time to get stuck in the garden although the hours between 9 and 3 never seem to be enough to get everything done.

My garden has been a bit neglected as my hubby was working from home during both lockdowns so I was juggling the 3 kids and their school work as well as everything else at home.

But I have caught up a bit the last two weeks and got lots of seeds sown. I used my prize money to buy myself a green house so I am lucky to be able to start my tomatoes and capsicums early under the cover and warmth of the greenhouse.

I also managed to get quite a lot of other seeds in over the weekend including some Yates seeds I haven't grown before. The kids are looking forward to the strawberry popcorn. Thankfully we have a big enough section/garden I can plant it away from my other corn. Master 5 always plants lots of sunflowers every year in toilet roll tubes so was very excited to plant the fluffy ted seeds from Yates.

I'm looking forward to reading other people's blogs and being inspired. I was sad to hear from Sarah that Carol Jane had passed away, she was always so encouraging commenting on everyone's blogs.

Good luck everyone!

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