Back to Basics. Our Vege Patch.


Date:29 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Good morning everyone.  Apologies for dropping off the face of the online earth.  It's been quite a week or so where I've been busy with work, but the main reason is due to catching a bad cold.  Thankfully I am feeling a lot better now, so I have the energy to start paying attention to things that have been neglected during that time while I wait for my negative covid result to arrive... including posting a blog here!  

After some thought I've decided to go back to basics and share what's going on in our vege garden. Hubby did a great job building 4 raised gardens, and then it was up to me to plant them out.  I decided to use square foot gardening principles, crop rotation, and planting by the lunar calendar.  I would really love to incorporate permaculture principles throughout our entire garden (not just the vege garden), but don't know much about it atm.

We currently have 4 raised beds.  I have planted red onions, spinach, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, loads of garlic, elephant garlic, bok choi (harvested), carrots, french shallots, rosemary, celery, rainbow silverbeet, leeks, brown onions, chives, coriander, cherry tomatoes, money maker tomatoes, Aunt Ruby's german green heirloom tomatoes.  

I have also planted seeds for corn, pumpkin and gherkins which I am looking forward to transplanting into place when they are ready.  I am still waiting impatiently for the zucchini and watermelon to sprout. They will all be going behind the retaining wall where I have buried some olla's in a circuit which I still need to connect to a water source.  The corn is not quite ready for transplanting yet, but they will be getting there soon.  

In front of the raised beds I have a rock garden which is always overrun with mint.  I have also recently added strawberries, thyme, sage, and oregano...and just this minute have chucked in some parsley and basil seeds, so we'll see how they do?  They usually do well in there.  

Although I've been unwell, once I was up to it I have been really enjoying wandering through the vege garden and just sitting and admiring it.  Loving the journey.

Take care everyone!

Back to Basics.  Our Vege Patch.