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Gardener:The flower lady

Date:07 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It has been bucketing down all night and is very soft under foot in spaces , in the collage I added a pick of how full our large wheel barrow is to give you an idea , But I have to say I am very pleased as last year at the same time we had no rain and none in the forecast for ages .

Yesterday I finally planted out my watermellon , I am still to put the mesh up but will do before they need it .

My blue and purple peas are coming on nicely , we have an abundance of broad beans , and brassicas , must be time to invite some friends round for dinner .

The pototoes are doing very well and need monding , the only difference I can see so far between the bought seed spuds and pantry ones is the bought ones all popped up uniformly where as the pantry ones were all over the show .

My cucumbers have started to take off , and constant protection from slugs and snails is a must . 

And my beans are ready to plant out but will have to wait till the soil is not as boggy .

And my hubby putting the roof on my she shed first has been awesome a we are able to get more framing done today under cover , but first more layers and a wollen hat its cold out there .


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