Bad guy soup

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:13 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

Yesterday Jamison decided he did not want to go to playcenter so instead he was an awesome help .

We made bad guy soup , this essentially means we scan under pots , trays , leaves etc and put the slugs , snails and any infected leaves with bad guy eggs into a bucket of hot water  , Jamison did take to squishing some with his gumboots on. 

We found this red catterpillar , I have never seen one like it before and have asked the nz butterfly and moth community for some help with an id so I hope to have an answer soon .

We also had a good tidy up on the strawberry patch , disconnecting runners , pulling off spent leaves , weeding , adding compost and slug pellets , when I get a chance I will also give a good mulch with fresh pine needles , they are a good source of acidity and keep the strawberries from rotting and another food source for them to .

Plus I mowed the lawns , meaning I had lawn clippings for the no dig , so I have made a start to the 2 sqaures for corn . 

Not sure if you can see in the pic but that is pony poo on my lawn from pony adventures yesterday , its now in the compost but , how rude where are his manners lol .

And a flower of course , this time a beautiful cacti flower .

Plus my bioforce order arrived so I placed most of them out side , under roses , then a few in the green house and a couple in the shade house

My friend whos new to gardening popped over with a pretty cool self watering planter , so I sent her home with strawberry plants and a wee viola , we also got talking tomatoes and the pots she had would not take them all the way though so we dug though and found some goodies and sent her with those to .

Bad guy soup