Balance is the key


Date:26 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We've had the best labour weekend, with the perfect ratio of family time and gardening/jobs around the house. Not to mention the weather being pretty good!

I've finished the netting for the berries, and I'm still so chuffed with how well it has worked. I also got some never ending weeding done - I'm sure I turn my back and another one pops up, especially in the new vegetable garden!

And today I've cleaned out the potting up shed/greenhouse, as it was a state, and I can't do mess!!! Everything just got thrown in anywhere it can fit, as I always seemed to run out of time to put it away properly. It feels really good to get these jobs out of the way, all ready for planting out the rest of my crops in a few weeks.


Balance is the key