Beetroot and bees

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:02 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

The girls are away with the In laws for a few days and Brandon is on afternoon shifts.  Which means I get the best of both worlds - the husband home helping in the garden during the day and the remote to myself in the evening. ;0

It's been a very busy couple of days with being gifted 'some' pavers .... when we went to pick them up there was roughly 700.... exhausted yesterday we had to leve the last load to be unpacked this morning - which seemed like a much lighter task.  (The husband may still be a little cross about that task ;0)

One of our beehives swarmed today and our lovely beekeeper was very busy until early evening... - I was weeding right beside them when I noticed them in one of the carexes.  They are so docile and even being this close to them buzzing around me, I'm not worried.  Our beekeeper is an incredible teacher and the girls (and us) love being out there while she is doing her thing and explains everything to them. 

There is sooo much to learn about beekeeping and something we are not ready to do ourselves but it is fabulous having them on the property and giving us all new experiences and learnings.  It's a shame the girls weren't here to see them marching into their new makeshift hive this evening like little soldiers.

Among many other garden jobs we weeded and added compost into the chilli gardens and refreshed all the ducks pool water emptying it over the fruit trees.

Dinner tonight was Beetroot and kumara Soup.  I love picking fresh beetroot and having the vibrant colour in my bowl! This is a popular recipe in our house and comes from the speights cookbook - I can't find an online recipe for it so have put a pic of it in the comments.

Beetroot and bees