Being resourceful


Date:19 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Another busy weekend in the garden, with the never ending task of weeding, watering and a bit of re-potting seedlings.

This will be my third year of growing berries, and previous years I've just pegged netting over the bushes to try stop the birds having a feast. It wasn't ideal, as when I removed the netting, it took foliage and berries with it, and quite frankly was a pain! So I told hubby to get his thinking cap on last year and between us we came to this solution.

We wanted to try and use resources we already had and I didn't want to move the berries as it's quite handy using the fence to grow them up. Hubby found some wood in his shed, and nailed them onto the top of the posts. I then used netting we had, and threaded them together with elastic ties and pegged them at the bottom into the ground.

It was very time consuming to say the least and we still have another bigger row to do! Of course I don't need them to be covered at the moment, so I've left the ends open. But I wanted to get this job done before I was too busy with everything else in the garden!

Im pretty pleased with what we've come up with it will be a million times better than what I've done in the past!

Being resourceful