Big Betty and Kohlrabi


Date:11 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

So today I harvested Big Betty the beetroot.  No offence to any Betty's that might be in this challenge! 

I've been really distracted and often grow a lot of stuff which I forget to harvest. Some of our beetroot has started to bolt so I didn't want to leave this one any longer. All our broccoli has gone to seed and I only harvested about 10% of what we could have which is disappointing. 

My wife asked if we had anything in the garden to go with our chicken and rice bowls tonight.  I remembered that I had planted kohlrabi so went on a hunt. Turns out it's all ready for harvest which is great.  We'd never tried it before so diced it thinly and used it as a garnish. It's actually pretty tasty. Kinda like a subtle cabbage taste. Will definitely grow it again.

Big Betty and Kohlrabi