Blooming Beautiful Alright!


Date:16 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Flowers

Just to share an update on the Spreydon Sunflower competition...

Firstly - a local Cafe has come onboard (The Waiting Room Cafe), and they are saving their compostable coffee cups and then filling them with seed raising mix and Sunflower Seeds to give out to locals who come in for a cuppa - It's so exciting that just from the first year it's growing, and people are literally supporting people in their efforts to get growing! 

Then yesterday I got a message from a friend asking if I had seen the front cover of the 'Southern View' Newspaper, so in true 21st Century, googled it and saw this image! I had only been called by someone 2 days prior and didn't think much of it, so it was quite exciting... they also must have seen these Yates Growing Community blogs as they linked some information back to it...

And then... I had been talking to one of my colleagues about starting a Sunflower competition here at work, and before I knew it someone else called me and it looks like it might be made a Nation Wide event (I work for a Nation Wide school)! How exciting!

I love how growing can be 'contagious' and how a little idea can grow and bring so much joy!

Now my weekend plan is putting together my proposal on how to make this work with colleagues across NZ, which I'm already doing a lot of dreaming and scheming for - if it goes well this year, it may well be an annual team building event :) 

Thanks for sharing in my excitement gardening team!


Blooming Beautiful Alright!