Brassica love


Date:14 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

My caulis have been perfect lately, half I have grown in my tunnel and the rest outside. And I have to say, even the ones grown outside have done well. 

I planted sprouting broccoli for the first time, and ask myself every day why I have waited so long to try them! It's the plant that keeps on giving! It's so nice to go out to the garden and harvest just enough for that nights dinner. We are huge brocolli fans in my house, we almost eat it every day!

My cabbages have been a bit hit and miss, battling with slugs hasn't helped them though, kids love going on a slug hunt, but miss almost 3 is not a fan of touching them haha

Our dogs have a love for brassicas too, if they think I'm not watching, they will climb into the garden and take a chomp or two, so unfortunately they aren't allowed to roam the gardens unsupervised!

Brassica love