Burying Tomatoes


Date:21 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hello fellow gardeners.

There was finally some nice weather (patches of it) in Auckland over the weekend.

I took this as an opportunity to repot some of our tomato seedlings. I know that for many of us this is a common practice but every year there are always some newcomers and some who may have never grown a tomato before.

What I have learnt from others in this challenge is that tomatoes are one of the only seedlings that not only allow you to plant them deeper each time you repot them, they actually perform better if you do. Please don't do this with other seedlings as most will not tolerate this at all.

So now when our tomatoes are getting their second set of true leaves, I repot them and bury them almost up to their first leaves. This promotes more roots and stronger growth. Then when they are bigger and ready for the garden I repeat the process and dig deeper holes for planting and bury some of the main stem again. 

A wee dip in Yates seaweed tonic and these ones seem to be happy. 

If you want to read a bit more on deep planting tomatoes, there is a link below. 



Burying Tomatoes