Can’t get any fresher


Date:25 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

I was making the most of the little sun we've been having lately, tackling the weeds that have come up in our new vege garden.

It is going to be a big job keeping on top of the weeds in this garden. We were lucky enough to grab some top soil from our neighbour, so of course there's a bit of grass/grass seeds amongst it. We mixed the top soil in with lots of compost, but it will need a lot more love yet.

While I was out there, Miss almost three decided to pick herself a carrot (3 small carrots plucked out at once) to munch on! She was so proud of herself that she managed to dig them out and asked for them to be washed.

She quite often goes out the the vege garden and helps herself (especially when there are peas or strawberries about!). And I absolutely love and encourage my kids to do this, as that's what having a garden is all about.


Can’t get any fresher