Can’t grow peas fast enough!


Date:07 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This morning I've direct sown some more peas - I can't keep up with my kids appetite for them! And some radishes also.

Ive done a check around the flowers for aphids, and I'm pleased to say I think I'm finally on top of them! I've found a mixture of using Yates natures way organic citrus, vege and ornamental spray and blasting with the hose has worked!

This afternoon I plan to dead head the flowers and roses, which is a never ending task, but really does help with flowering and makes the gardens look so much nicer.

The photos are of some of the kids plants that are growing nicely in the containers, and the yam patch which seems to be a bit hit and miss - one whole row almost!

I like to grow my yams in their own bed, as it's very hard to get every single one come harvest time and the ones left don't grow well.

Can’t grow peas fast enough!