Carving out some time!!!

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:01 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's been a mcmassive few weeks in life in general and I have really struggled to get some gardening time. With being so busy I was starting to get grumpy (just a tad) and felt my soul really needed a good day in the garden.

So while the Husband was at work all weekend I gave the kids sunday off and said they could have a free day as long as they tidied up after themselves.....  They took themselves off to the neighbours after lunch which meant I could really focus on smashing out some long awaited jobs. 

*Trimmed the crokias

*repotted 3/4 of the seedlings - and gave a Yates seaweed tonic bath.

*Built a very large pumpkin mound with top soil and compost and planted out the curcubits (squash, butternut, crown, kamokamo and a couple of water melon)

* Weeded and mowed the secret garden

*Weeded and mowed the veg garden

*Cleaned out the duckling house ...68 ducklings  - 4 mothers and counting....

* Planted a load of cuttings and plants my mum had given me

While there is still a lot more on the list I ooed and ahhed my way around the garden surveying my progress in the evening.  Things are really starting to come together for our short time being here. 

Wooden screen in the pic got created over labour weekend by our builder friend who came to stay - just need to get the stain out.  The herbs look happier already to be sheltered from the wind.


Carving out some time!!!