Checking on my babies


Date:14 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying my first year with a glass house :) 

This time last year there would have been seed trays all over my dining room floor, which while it worked fine, did get in the way... now that I have a dedicated space my seed raising efforts have doubled - although there are still some mad evening rushes running between the glasshouse and my house when the night time temperature will be getting too low :) 

What I also love about having the space, is being able to grow more... and more.... and more!

Which in some ways has led to a bit of a downfall as I have planted too many seedlings for the time I have to give to plant them out – BUT it also means that I have more than enough to go around! I have just started to get the messages from friends asking if I have any spare ‘this or that’, and there is a community garden starting up around the corner from me which I have already been able to add some lettuce and spinach seedlings to… and I’ll be sure to add a few sneaky sunflowers in

While spring is odd, it’s certainly an exciting time of year!

Checking on my babies