Class Garden Weeded, Tick

Gardener:Glenbervie Primary Room12

Date:14 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours

We started our Class vegie garden this spring with a small team weeding session. I am the parent help. I had some children who have not had any garden experience to some who knew a lot. So lots to discuss from how to put on gardening gloves, what are weeds and why we weed. Why and how we grow vegetables. I bet we looked like hens scratching away in the garden, chattering non stop.

While we did this we talked about what we would like to plant. Loads of ideas! As ideas came up I talked about how great each idea was, however some ideas would not be ready for harvest before school ends mid December. 

We agreed we wanted a garden to harvest from before the end of the year as the vegie's would spoil over the summer holidays and we are all away.

The gardening team went back to the rest of the class to discuss as a whole class what they wanted in the garden. I supplied a list of vegies and other edible plants that could be growen in our class garden space.

Looking forward to the numerous ideas and how to keep them all happy.

Our garden is 7m x 2m. 

Class Garden Weeded, Tick