Date:30 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

The addition of our garden shed and the worm farm have been great, the next step was to consider a compost bin due to the amount of waste we have. 

However, as we are an Early Learning Centre with some industrial buildings around us in a rural town, the last thing needed is to attract rats and mice. Having access to the compost bin without worrying about our young friends is also of concern. 

We are working hard to be sustainable and a wooden compost bin would be our first port of call, but it doesn't help with our issues and concerns. In the end we decided on a double tumbler compost bin. It is plastic, it is off the floor and is sealed, no rats mice or unsupervised fingers. 

The children had fun watching the teachers put the bin together. The fun part of this compost bin is that the children can add the waste as it has an easy to open doors and a handle to turn the compost around.  

Looking forward to lots of lovely compost.