Daisy-Belle, Back at the helm

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:12 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

As requested, Daisy-Belle is getting her own post.  She was a family creation in the challenge last year.  She stood up to the test of the weather and insane winds and was only taken down to have the bean frame replaced and to change her outfit.

Last year she developed her own personality with our youngest being a little afraid of her (thinking she was a real person) to really loving her and chatting away to her while in the garden.  I have to do a few tweaks to her head/face but hoping the girls love her as much.

She does look smaller but the new bean frame is taller than last year so fingers crossed for a bumper crop.  

Brandon thinks she looks a little more ready for a tinder date than to guard the garden....but whos judging hehe.

Last year she bacame surrounded by giant sunflowers, I'm hoping to do the same this year - the wild flowers at her feet are going to look gorgeous in a month. 

Daisy-Belle, Back at the helm