Dealing with BIG pests

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:08 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables

Ok so for most of you , sheep are most likely no problem at all .

But for me they are becoming a thorn in my side , we have had a suppurb lambing season , grass is a plenty but these little ******s are ring barking my trees .

I popped down to my local farmlands , who didn't have much of a solution but thought my idea of neem oil could do the trick , I mean its going to smell and taste terrible , but have both healing , feeding and pest resistant qaulitys so I will be mixing it up in the nap sack spayer and moving the sheep on while the trees heal I hope .

The fruit set on our peaches , necterines and cherries is good , so worth the effort .

Tips 3 self care 

Remember streching before a good gardening stint .

Sunscreen for the back of your hands as well as everywhere else .

Keep your water intake up , a bit of mint and lemon from the garden makes it delish .

Tired feet soak with comfry and lavender .

Always be kind to yourself .


Dealing with BIG pests