Drum roll please.......

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

There hasn't been a lot of newsworthy jobs happening in the garden this weekend but I am pleased to say that I have got the first lot of seeds sown!!!!! YAY! - I ran out of seed raising mix but I feel so much better getting a few of them started. 

I am really trying hard this year not to over do the seeds - I had something like 60 cherry tomatoes I was trying to give away last year!  So I have only done a few of each variety - fingers crossed for a good gemination rate.

The girls planted their choices they made the other day (on a pevious post)  and today I sowed:

Yates capsicum - Corno di Toro

Yates Zucchini - UFO's

Zucchini - Black Jack

Zucchini Mixed

Yates Watermelon - Ice Cream

Heritage Tomatoes from a trading table at a garden ramble:  Abraham Lincoln, Black, Whippersnapper, Peacevine Cherry, Purple Calabrash.

Tomatoes - Beefsteak

Butternut, Crown and Squash


Yates Eggplant - Baby Brinjal

Silk tree pods my bother in law gave us.

I'm all out of labels so I cut up an old ice cream container....seems to have worked as long as the vivid sticks around for a bit.

Drum roll please.......