Fingers crossed for carrots

Gardener:Sarah W

Date:09 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've being trying to grow carrots for years with frustratingly patchy success. I thought I was onto a good thing when I started sowing them by the moon (the few days after a full moon) and had them germinating fairly well but I still haven't grown good ones. Exhibit A in this photo. I'm even wondering if they are carrots or the parsley dropwort/carrot weed which grows everywhere here as even small ones should surely be orange!

I needed more seed and I read In the Dillons garden grows baby carrots with success so yesterday I got Yates baby carrots to try and also Topweight as it's the right time for it. It was drizzling last night so I raced out and sprinkled a patch. Someone else mentioned sprinkling vermiculite over celery seeds and as I had some I did this. Then covered with old fridge shelves (the white things top right) to stop the birds. THEN covered with some old material to help keep the seed moist. I've done this before with the material directly over the seeds but it's a bit tricky to take it off at the right time and I feel the seeds probably get lifted off the soil when taking it off. 

Carrots certainly aren't like radish which can get pushed into the soil and pop up no problem. I'm determine to grow them though. We eat a lot of them and I haven't found a tasty organic option to buy. Crossing fingers.

Fingers crossed for carrots