five top tips

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:02 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips

After a day of working really hard in the garden yesterday  mulling it over I think I have settled on my favourite 5 bits of advice/tips.


Number 1:  Write a list - If I have a lot whirling around in my head and feeling like there are just too many jobs that need doing, I find just writing them down is therapeutic and takes a little of the weight off.  I then work my way through the list depending on the time allowing - although some jobs get transferred from list to list.


Number 2: Put your gummies on and aim to do just one job - Often I just don’t have the energy when I get home from work but I make a deal and plan to head out to the garden and water, or have a nosey and more often than not, I'm out there for a few hours pottering with one job or another.


Number 3: Have seating areas for enjoying your hard work - Sarah the Gardener actually talked about this a lot last year and over the last year it's something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my different garden areas.  It’s lovely to sit and enjoy and not just be in the areas working.


Number 4: Grow what does well in your area - but still try new things too - I remember telling my mum I was going to grow Brussel Sprouts a few years ago - she mentioned they would be full of bugs and it’s too warm here to grow.  Roll on a few months later and I continued to stubbornly grow said Brussel sprouts - beautiful big sprouts...full of bugs!!! Without a big spray regime it's just not worth it.  But I do love giving new things a go and always trawling the seed and seedling stands for something a bit different. 

Number 5: Water, water, water - I LOVE my wicking beds that virtually water themselves.  I struggle to hand water enough and the plants make sure they tell me so setting up some sort of irrigation is essential.

five top tips