Flowers & Bees

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Date:13 Sep 2020

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When I grow something in the garden it has to have a beneficial purpose which is why most of what I grow are fruit & veges. I do however have a token flower garden by the front door, which has a lemon tree in the centre so as to keep it away from the seedless mandarin!

My favourite flowers to grow are spring bulbs, sweet peas and sunflowers.

I also have a native corner in the chicken run which is a tribute to my grandfather who had a native tree business and also my dad who loves natives. It has two kakabeak &  two kowhai trees as well as some flax and cabbage trees.

The kakabeak have taken off and were laden with flowers this year which the bees have loved, however I'm struggling to get the bees to pollinate my fruit trees in the same way. 

Every time I'm out in the garden I check the plum blossoms but haven't seen a single bee on the tree yet. There are bees all over my neighbours rosemary bush which is on our fence line and not far from the plum trees and the kakabeak are on the other side of the garden. The bees just don't seem tempted at all by the plum blossoms!

So if anyone has any tips how to get them interested in the plum blossoms please let me know.

Flowers & Bees