For the love of avo

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:22 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

So a few years ago my hubby was determined to germinate an avocardo stone , to which he had great success .

and what kind of gardener would I be if I didn't support each idea my family brings on board , so its now quite tall and was struggling and had odd marks on the leaves , I could not find any bugs of any kind it didn't smudge or change in any way when I ran my fingers over the marks , so I looked at the soil , It was perhaps a little wet but I think the trouble was it had become to dense , so I decided a taller pot and new soil was the best course of action ,I also took off all effected leaves And its looking so much better all ready .

This guy is going to be in the she shed with loads of light out ouf the elements and hopefully it will love it .

I have heaps of people saying I will never get fruit , and I am ok with that as long as it keeps healthy .

My hubby also loves propagating yukas , I still call him the un gardener often but I do think thats changed as when we first embarked on this journey he was lucky to get a couple of plants right on the comprehensive tour he likes to give , now hes unlikely to get 2 wrong .


For the love of avo