For you to feed us first I must feed you

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:05 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables, Flowers


It takes a huge amount of energy for a plant to produce fruit , veges , flowers or just simply to grow well.

So with the fab gift from Yates and he Rose and Flower natural feed I thought the best tips I can give about feedting fertilizing and making the most of it all was a good time.

So here goes tip 3 feed and fert 

Plants are heavy feeders in the height of the season I feed weekly , using a few different ways of administering .

Watering can , soaking if still in pots , a mist spray and the attatch to the hose mixes, for things already planted and a few different things in a hole prior to planting  .

I am a fan of seaweed base feeds , and neem ganuales but you may have seen the npk on plant foods and this needs to be some what ballanced as to much nitrogen will give lovely bushy plants , but not help at all when it comes to flowers , you need phosphorous for that.

But you must always water well first a plant that is suffering can instead be burnt rather than fed .

I also make my own concoctions using manure in an old never to be used again pillow case soake in a barrel with a tape on the front .

Comfry make a fantastic garden food tea but be warned it is stinky best not made close to seating areas , yours or your neighbours .

I also save the water from cooking vege and use in pots by the door , once cooled of course .

And to help your plants get the most out of the feed make sure your soil is able to hold moisture , this is where mulching really helps , and I love the no dig methods .

And our strawberries have come on thick and fast these guys especially need loads of water and weekly feeds .

For you to feed us first I must feed you