From sad to glad


Date:06 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

My wee assistant and I finally got the chance to mulch this flower bed. We weren't measley with the amount we put on, as this bed can get fairly dry throughout summer.

This garden is the one I struggle to keep up with the most, and being by our driveway I like to keep it looking good, but it's a big job to keep on top of it.

It used to be a hedge and one of the previous owners made in into a garden. The soil is very hard to work with as there's lots of roots and it's a battle to get all the little weeds out.

I have been trying to add lots of organic matter to make it better, and it's slowly getting there, but it's still going to need a lot of love.

This used to be the flower garden I disliked the most, it had a netting fence up the right side (where miss 3 is), and it just looked odd and annoyed me every time I looked at it! So we took it down and I usually plant lots of wildflowers, and pollinator flowers amongst the shrubs and it has become my favourite! 

I would eventually like to get rid of the agapanthus as they like to take over the garden (they got a huge haircut in winter), and I'm not that fond of them. But I won't do that until I have an idea what I will replace them with, as I'm finally getting it filled in!

This is the only bed I mulch with peastraw, my other flower beds close to the house get a layer of bark chips as I think it looks nicer for those.

Miss 3 watered the peastraw down so it doesn't blow away, as you could probably tell from her wild hair it had been a windy!






From sad to glad