Fruitful fruits

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:03 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was market day so was a lot of picking and packaging flowers and foliage , I didn't have enough sweet peas for the big market but I have to cut for flowering to continue so I dropped off to one of my neighbours :) 

Our peaches are taking a year off but everything else is laden in fruit , except the walnuts that got hit by the late frost but hey we can't win them all .

I got 12 cubic meter of mill bark but have not gotten to far with the mulch and now things are starting to dry out its going to be semi rotted and put on in winter , never mulch dry soil . 

The cherrys , currants , lemons , and apples are doing especially well , I forgot to get a pic of the apples but I will at some stage .

Just a note of warning , if your trees have leaf curl do not spray now they will drop their leaves it needs to be done before blossom forms .

Fruitful fruits