Garden potential during lockdown


Date:13 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

Like all kiwis preparing for the first lockdown we had to figure out what supplies we needed before all non-essential shops went into hibernation.  Toilet paper?  Hand sanitiser?  Nope.  We knew the supermarkets would continue to operate, and our regular shopping had these items covered.  The 'neglected' (gross understatement) garden on the other a husband who always has projects to do and not enough time...who will now have time...let's just say, it was an obvious opportunity too good to miss!  

So the day before level 4 hubby and I were frantically visiting hardware/garden centres for the necessary supplies for his long talked about retaining wall and raised garden beds.  Thankfully we accomplished our mission in time, which kept him happy and busy while also ticking off a major item on his 'to do' list that he didn't expect to get done for another year or so due to lack of time.

The top photo shows our rear garden at it's worst...and now.  In our defence, our garden was in good nick until we turned our attention to renovating our house...which took 3 years longer than the year I was expecting it to take?!  Thankfully the major part of the renovation has been completed so we can now turn our attention back to the garden...which we sorely missed during the reno.   

A meal using veges straight from the garden?  Living the dream!   

Garden potential during lockdown