Gardeners gold!


Date:22 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Previous years we have reared calves on our property and kept them for a few years. We've decided not to do it again, as it's hard to winter them, with having to buy in feed, and also they make such a mess!

But it's not all bad, as I've been able to use the manure on my garden! My amazing hubby has kindly piled it up, along with the old baleage they didn't eat and we've let it rot down.

This morning I collected up some of the goodness and put some around the trees and fruit bushes. I also dug some into the garden where I pulled out some broccoli that has gone to seed.

I plan to split the pile of manure into two. One pile I will use on my garden as needed, and with the other I will mix in some soil and compost and grow my pumpkins in. This will free up space considerably in the garden and the pumpkins should thrive being heavy feeders.

Gardeners gold!