Gardening away from home......

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Date:18 Sep 2020

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I haven't had the chance to do much gardening at home this week as I was called in for two days relief teaching work.

At the beginning of the year I was blessed to have the opportunity to work on Fridays at Ambury Park Centre. It is an alternative education centre on the other side of Ambury Farm which includes riding for the disabled, adult vocational students and a class of high school students.

I was working with the high school students doing cooking and establishing some sort of garden. It has been such a start stop year with covid but we had some success with some of the students creating some garden beds from broken down pallets.

Currently we planted a whole lot of strawberry runners (from my own plants at home), some potatoes and a few brassicas and greens. I also took in a few surplus raspberry canes which I'm hoping will take as well.

This week I did some weaving with the students for Te Wiki or Te Reo Maori which was great fun and we were treated to a big boil up lunch yesterday.

I love being able to pass on my passion for gardening and cooking to the students and Fridays are always a highlight of their week.

Not much gardening happening this weekend at home either as we have 9th birthday celebrations (in groups of less than 10!) for child #2.

Hope everyone else has a productive weekend.

Gardening away from home......