Gardening for the pollinators


Date:07 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today miss 3 and I went to the garden centre and purchased some flower seeds and flowers for the gardens.

We sprinkled some wild flower and cottage garden mix seeds in between the berry plants. With the left over seeds we sprinkled in the flower garden I blogged about yesterday. Miss 3 got some butterfly bombs for her birthday (pretty cool present!), that she had great delight in throwing in that garden too!

We direct sowed nasturtium around the edge of the new vege garden, planted marigolds in the tunnel house, and also a few plants in all the vegetable gardens.

I also bought some carnations and bellis daisys (that Miss 3 chose) that we planted in one of our flower gardens. 

I have been planting flowers amongst my veges for a good few years now to attract pollinators.  After all - if we keep them happy, they return the favour to us :)

Gardening for the pollinators