Gardens chocka!


Date:12 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Feels soooo good to get all the summer seedlings planted out today, plus I had enough space to squeeze everything I wanted to in, as well as having a few punnets I decided I didn't need to donate.

I have definitely learnt a couple of things this season. First being I need to plan my vege garden better. I had a rough plan in my head, but I felt I ended up having to put some things in Willy nilly, and that doesn't gel well with my personality or going to help with my goal of being better at crop rotation.

The second lesson is I need to make myself jot down when I plant things out.  I thought a lot of the vegetables previously planted would be well harvested by now, and that I'd have plenty of space left after I had planted out the heat loving seedlings, but nope! I can not fit anything else in the gardens for now. 

I also get too excited each season and sow seeds for some things far too early, especially living in the far South. There is no benefit for doing so, as seeds sown later always catch up, if not beat, the ones sown earlier.

As you can see I have cabbage coming out my ears! I have invested in a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, so it will go to good use tonight to vacuum pack some cabbage! With the instructions it says to blanch vegetables before freezing, but I find some vegetables taste horrible being blanched first - does anybody skip the blanching and find it successful? Or have any other tips for me?


Gardens chocka!