Glorious Weather!

Gardener:Gardening Mummy

Date:01 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

What a beautiful day it was here in Auckland today! The kids also felt the spring vibe and spent most of the day entertaining themselves (mostly outside) so I was blessed with an entire day in the garden without too much interruption!

Lots of things got ticked off the list.

Tomatoes were planted out - there were getting quite big and we very rarely get frosts where we are (maybe once every 5 years!). The overnight lows have been quite warm laterly so they should be fine outside now.

Weeded the strawberry patch which is looking quite good with lots of fruit developing now.

Also sorted out the flower garden and got my dahlias and galdioli planted (maybe a little late). The sweet peas are loving the new frame and I have snapdragons and carnations about to burst into flower. Still a few Iris to flower and the calla lily's are just starting to come through the soil.

Did a big sort out of the seed trays in the greenhouse. Emptied out any that hadn't germinated since my first round of seed sowing. Planted a few more seeds today as well.

Gave in to the kids begging for their own garden patch. Experience tells me that in about 2 weeks it will be forgotten and neglected but then again maybe this will be the year they actually see it through!

Even ended up getting a bit sunburnt on my shoulders so definitely time to start slip, slop, slapping.

Hope everyone else got to enjoy some sunshine today!

Glorious Weather!