Got to love progress!!


Date:03 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

What a productive day!! With a little kiwi ingenuity of using tie downs to pull my bottom boards into position and hold them there to screw them on, I can finally put down the power tools and move onto the digging. Lots of tree roots that had to be cut out to fit the bottom boards and a whole heap of plastic weed mat that I ripped out, and gravel and stones. I want to sort out the soil before I filled in the beds and boarders as I may have put the dirt and gravel i top of the beds... 

Mitre 10 didn't have a soil sieve in stock so I thought why not try and make one from scraps. I'm quite proud of how it turned out, just used the packer boards we had and some chicken coupe netting from when we reinforced our chicken coupe. About 30 mins later... one soil sieve!!  Took some broccoli and lettuce around to my mum, and also planted some Roma tomatoes plants near her front door so it's easier for her to pick. Her compost is alive with tiger worms!!! I'll definitely have to take a trailer around lol. Planted some pumpkin seeds in a planter box she had that I gave a good weeding and feeding so fingers crossed. Think I definitely earned a beerzies tonight lol

Got to love progress!!