Greener On The Other Side


Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Loving all the blogs, they go great with a hot drink most days!!

Our garden beds are all established, though short cuts with paths here and there. Teaching kiddos we must avoid stepping in the beds, and squishing the soil.

There are now 8 beds. The newest is for pumpkins for the most part. I choose a spot away from the main garden area, where they could creep out as much as they desire. ( 4 pumpkin seeds were successful, all crown pumpkins, now wee plants growing well)

My small greenhouse is full of seedlings. Will be have a sort this week, some need the shift to bigger pots.

We are in for 6ml of rain here in North Otago, hmm it's good as very dry,  but I miss pottering in garden at any given time.

My school girl made us vege soup for lunch, was a teacher only day for first day back, go figure.

Happy gardening all


Greener On The Other Side