Growing the Edible Backyard

Gardener:Sarah at Netherby

Date:08 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Growing the Edible Backyard

This weekend, in between showers and downpours, was spent pulling weeds on the paths in between the garden beds, then after realising the futility of such a task, spraying the weeds. This was after checking the weather forecast to make sure I had a few hours rain free to let the spray dry.

Everything is growing well in the garden, the corn is taking off, the cucumbers and zucchini are flowering and seem to be doubling in size every few days. The tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are doing really well and I am expecting to see some little flowers on soon. I planted out the leeks I had grown from seed and direct sowed some Yates Rocket seeds I received in the mail (thanks Yates!)  My dahlia’s are about to bloom, first time I have ever grown these so very excited to see these gorgeous flowers!

The apple and pear trees have finished blossoming so have given them a good spray for creepy crawlies like codling moth. I bought Yates Success Ultra Insect Control concentrate which was super easy to use. I am currently working on a task list of all the jobs that need to be done in the vege garden and orchard over the year, so much to remember!

Happy Gardening everyone!

Growing the Edible Backyard