Hello Springtime!


Date:08 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours

Hi, I'm Lucy (Loobee). I have been doing this challenge for a few years now but life seems to be constantly presenting challenges to try and stop me gardening (or at least blogging about it). This year I am hoping to be able to stick to it but who knows what challenges 2020 will hurl our way next. I live in Wellington and have a pretty useless South facing clay garden, but it does do ok in the height of summer. It is great for lettuces at least! I am very blessed to have had a weekend beach garden for the last two seasons on the Kapiti Coast. I am amazed how much I can grow there in a very limited space, in spite of the fierce salt winds and sand. To start with I had two small raised beds, they are now one big bed adn I killed a corner of the kikuyu lawn and now it is a surprisingly productive garden too.

My other hobbies, which tie in well with gardening are photography (mainly birds) and painting (mainly birds and flowers). Since I hate being in photos my photo today is of a lovely fat kereru I saw yesterday, I think I have a lot in common with her.

I'm looking forward to this spring challenge and hearing how everyone's gardens go, so many good ideas are shared here and it's a much more energising place to spend time than on other social media!

Hello Springtime!