Hiding from the wind

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:17 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables, Flowers

Its soooo windy here today and its draining , drying and headache inducing .

But I did manage to get my first 100 sunflowers planted and the next lot of seed grown anenomes , Growing bulbs from seed is always so rewarding , often you do not get the same colour as the flower you saved it from , so its a nice wee suprise .

I was also very glad for my green house , I transplanted some yates tiny dot tomatoes , heritage green zebra , yates jwala chilies and yates egg plant , I forgot what type and I am done with the wind so I will update that later .

I also transplanted a tray of Zinnias they all got a good soak in Yates seaweed feed (gosh wind has me dumb , I can't think of the product name here , anyway great stuff ) it helps reduce transplant shock , and settles them into their nice new pots , Its very tempting to pot on when you see the first set of leaves but it reall is a good idea to wait for the second set .

But I had some over crowding going on that was causing odd growth along with a wee bit of yellowing so I bit the bullet and was very careful (no toddler help ) and I swear they look better already .

I gave my big red capsicam a feed to , potted on some bergamont , and a tray of esclepias swan plants standard and coloured and tweedia . I had so many butterflies last season teaming these with other flowers to so I have at least doubled the amount for all the hungry catterpillars .

I did a little bit in the tunnel house but it really was to hot so it zapped a bit more energy , but the branching broccoli is doing well and we are cutting some most nights, although I have to say its not as satisfying to grow as its a bit like its trying to bolt all the time , the caulis are almost ready so they are getting watered every day rather than every second so the stay a nice tight ball , the cabbage has begun hearting up and the silverbeet is yummy .

And I have some very naughty lambs this season who just seem to do what ever they please , so I constructed a slow down fence untill we get the permanant one , it consists of sheep netting and 2 ibc tanks holding it up , I don't have a lot of confidence in it but at this stage the new zone is dirt and not to appealing to little lamb tummies just yet , but that fence has been bumped up the list for sure .

Hiding from the wind