Houston, we have a problem


Date:13 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Last night I noticed that the tube running through our olla's was skewed.  Cookie (our dog) was voted most likely culprit, but as I was having a wine and dinner on the deck I decided I would check out the situation tomorrow. 

The photo shows what I found this morning (after reflexively starting to fix things).  An olla was COMPLETELY uncovered.  I decided to do a quality control check while it was exposed.  The bottom hole was still covered and sound, which I was very happy about.  I ran the water through...and found a sealant problem in the side!  

I realised then that I should have done a water quality check on them BEFORE I buried them...it would explain why one or two olla seem to need filling way faster than the others?  So, I have decided I need to excavate the rest of the olla's to check them all, and I might as well change the tubing to work more efficiently with the water source, so I only have 1 rather than 2 lengths of hose going through that garden?

I'm going to pin that up for another day, as I have other things to do including going to work later.  Luckily no plants have been harmed during this exercise (so far), and will not be compromised in the meantime, and the garden will be better for it once it's all done? ...whenever that will be?!  ;)

Houston, we have a problem