I dig the no dig

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:29 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

I wrote a lot about my no dig , not till , lasagna gardening methods last season and our new garden zone has finally gotten a rough design to paper and the first wee bit layered up .

The middle section is wide enough for a path and spot to add a seating area , I have 2 nashi pear seedling trees that will go in a circle , buxus to shape and herbs planted under , including edible flowers of course .

I can't afford the raised beds just at the moment , but I can keep working on the soil using hugerkulture methods , this is building up with logs as a base , twigs , manure , grass clippings , straw etc I plan on putting pumpkins here this season they can just run wild here . I forgot to put that on the plan , lucky its a rough draft . 

I potted on my blueberries as I am not going to risk transplanting as I lost my last lot that way , they can stay in pots until there permanent raised bed is ready , I am unsure why the 2 tiff blue ones are not doing well while the others are thriving , so I have messaged the nursery and will see what they say . 

I still can't find my matic , which is messing with my mojo somehow , I know that sounds silly but its the tool I really find best for trenching and I need to get the rest of my root veges in , lucky I still have time .

On top of that , I have a friend doing her first vege garden and she asked if I had spare poo , you know your a gardener when your friends know exactly where to come for a few garden neccesitys .

I dig the no dig