Is heating cheating?


Date:22 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Last year CarolJane blogged about her heat pad and after much chatting about it I decided it was definitely something to add to my kit. It is sometimes hard deciding what to invest in but this seemed worth the $50 to me.

They don't use a lot of power and just keep the soil at a nice slightly warm temperature.  It meant I was able to successfully germinate a lot of spring seeds over a month ago including capsicum and cucumbers. Admittedly they are growing slow now they are outside but it did give me a good strike rate.

I'm stoked with the purchase and tonight we planted some chilli. I'm sold on Yates Black Magic for seed raising. Tried some organic stuff recently but most of the seed failed to germinate as I think it had bad bacteria/fungus. With Black Magic my strike rate has been much better.

Best thing about tonight was Haven teaching mum how to plant seeds. My wife is keen to start learning how to grow from seed and it was priceless watching our 6 year old teach her. She was very serious and explained every step. A very proud dad moment for me.

Is heating cheating?