It is finally here....but is my garden ready!!!

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:07 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Flowers

Well here we are again - another Spring season is here!!! This is my second year in the challenge. While I have been a gardener for a fairly long time we moved into a new build on 8.6 acres of February 2019, so its been a big learning curve gardening from scratch - not only putting in large vege gardens, lots of fruit trees and a citrus grove, we have had to learn to deal with rabbits and other wildlife.

This year has been pretty eventful at home. Going through 2 lockdowns - while putting aside the stress and financial loss has been very good for the garden.  The first lockdown saw the creation of this monster flower garden, fence for the vines and a pergola.  The second lockdown saw the beginnings of a 'secret garden'.

My long suffering husband, Brandon goes a long with most of my schemes - eventually! and our 3 girls are all involved in the garden. We have Lucy-Ann who is 9, Emily - 8 and Sophie who is 4.  You will see more of them along the way.  

I have been really looking forward to this challenge again as it is such a lovely community of people, and it certainly help keep me motivated.  Our vege garden is looking good - but certainly needs a good weekend spent in it.  We have talked all winter about our plans but have been sidetracked along the way so with the challenge - and the Spring season beginning, it's time the vege garden jumped back up the priority list.

It is finally here....but is my garden ready!!!