It's not looking to flash yet! And a hot chilli question


Date:14 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

Despite the howling northerly I had a quick rummage in the soon to be vege patch and was giving some of it a quick weed, when to my delight I found 6 self sown lettuces sheltering under the apple tree. I let a lettuce and the cosmos go to seed in the Autumn to feed the lovely goldfinches, so this was a welcome surprise. I thought they ate the lot. Anyway, I have now transplanted the little lettuce guys safely under a very unattractive net to keep the crazy cats out. It doesn't stop the black birds though, they just hop on under it bold as anything. My dear old 17 year old burmese has been a bit unwell, but he ventured out and progressed to get high as a kite on cat nip and even had a little spring gallop. Made us laugh. I was looking up where to get a new burmese last week, but it looks like he'll be helping me in the garden for a bit longer yet.  


Can anyone help me out with advice on how to grow chilli from seed? I have some dried red chillies I grew last year. Will the seed grow? How are you meant to collect seed? I grew these crazy hot chillies, I couldn't eat them but my friend can't get enough of them so I thought I would try and grow her some more from seeds from the dried chilli's. Will that work?

It's not looking to flash yet! And a hot chilli question