Kids in the garden


Date:01 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yesterday was a pretty horrible day outside so the two little kids and I decided to head down to our local gardening store and let the kids choose some seeds to sow.

To say they were excited to find the Yates seeds for kids was an understatement! Between them they chose - Alien Scallopini Zucchini, Behemoth Giant Pumpkin and Dinosaur Gourds. They also were drawn to the sunflowers. Master 5 chose Russian Giant, and Miss 3 tomorrow chose Yates bronze shades.

I decided it was safer to bring all the potting up gear inside, in case the seedlings accidentally got knocked off.

The kids had a fabulous time sowing their seeds and learning how to plant them.

Even though I explained it would take some time for the seeds to germinate, they were very disappointed to wake up this morning and see no giant pumpkins haha!

Kids in the garden